Life repeats itself mindlessly – unless you become mindful. Once you see the pattern, you can get out of it. (Osho)
True. The first step seems the hardest – become mindful and notice the pattern. I tell you, it’s not the hardest to master, it’s the hardest to face. Ego finds millions of excuses not to admit it’s just an imaginary figure all scared to be recognised as such.
The second step is not at all scarry, but hell hard to do. It sometimes feels like an out-of-body experience – you know exactly what is going on, you know what would be the true response BUT your minds just does the known reaction. Nevertheless – it is doable! It takes a lot of awareness and determination to direct the energy, but it is not impossible. It stars off as impossible, but if you really really want to, you make it. Once. And again. It might take months, but you make it. The only important thing is to believe and persist. When you fall, get up. Do over. Again and again.

I fell today. But I am not giving up. If I can, you can. So … let’s change. Nobody promised Life is easy or fair 😉

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