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My entire life, I thought that I should never give up on people. When somebody came into my life, I thought I should do everything possible to keep them in my life.

I was always thinking that whoever came into my life needed to stay there. But I was completely wrong. I was very naive to think that every person who comes into my life deserves to be there and in my heart. I was hurting myself by not accepting the fact that only because I loved somebody, doesn’t mean they have the ability to love me back.

I couldn’t believe I was not shown the love I was given. I was given sorrow when I gave them love. I didn’t understand it. Why would anyone try to take me down when I was nothing but great to them? It took me a long time and a few too many heartbreaks and lonely nights crying myself to sleep for me to realize that some people are simply born mean. And there is nothing anyone can do to change who they are. I thought I had the power to change them for the better, but I wasn’t able to. I figured if I gave them enough love that they would be good. But I got lost in a hopeless effort.

I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t understand why they lived their lives as they did. I kept giving while they kept taking. My kindness was my downfall. I never got the love in return. I never even asked. But then one day, I could not do it anymore. I was so tired and worn out that I could barely get out of bed. I hated myself for being weak and I ran out of love to give to anyone.

I was so busy making sure everyone was loved around me that I completely forgot to love myself. I tried to be the best I could be to the ones around me and all they did was use me. When they realized they couldn’t use me anymore, they turned their backs and left me. I was emotionally drained. I gave away my best for those who didn’t deserve it at all. I was alone and hurting and I realized that I had to be my own hero.

I had to guard my own heart. I thought being alone was the furthest thing from what I needed, but I realized it was the thing that would push me to do what I needed to do. The people I thought I couldn’t live without were going about their lives as if nothing had happened.

Just because you love somebody doesn’t mean they are good for you. Just because I want somebody in my life, it doesn’t mean they have the right to be there. Even though I do the absolute best to be there for the people I love, it doesn’t mean they feel the same way about me. There are some people out there who won’t love me regardless of what I do. But I know there are also people out there who will love me regardless. I just need to learn to figure out these different kinds of people.

I’m patiently learning that there are things that are going to happen no matter how bad we don’t want them to. I’m patiently learning there are things I don’t want to learn, but life will show me them anyway. I’m patiently learning that some people I love, but I must let them go because they aren’t good for me. I’m patiently learning that I need to let go of people who don’t deserve me and that there is a difference between giving up on somebody and doing myself a favor.

I won’t hold onto people just because I am afraid to be alone. I am learning that there will be somebody else out there who will know my worth

I am learning that I don’t deserve to be hurt over and over again by somebody who doesn’t care about me. I know that there will be somebody out there who will treat me how I know I should be treated. They will know what I am really worth.

I have learned that I need to keep my heart on guard and not let others to hurt me the way they did before. I now know that just because somebody else didn’t see my value, it doesn’t mean I am not valuable.

I make a note to remind myself of my worth and nobody else can determine that. I am deserving even if others don’t see it. I now know that I have done too much for other people and I need to stop. I need to let those go who don’t see my value and I need to know when to walk away. 

There are some people who I can’t care for enough to make them care for me. I can be the best I can be for them, and they will never give that back to me in any sort of way. I can be as selfless as a person can be, and they will show nothing but selfishness. So I have decided to let go.

I have decided to let go of everyone who is selfish, self-centered, and toxic. I can’t keep giving everything I have to those who don’t know what they are getting. It doesn’t matter how fully I love them, I need to let them go. I have learned it is better to leave those who continuously let you down and hurt you.

Not everyone who comes into my life is there to stick around. They might just be there to teach me a valuable lesson.

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