Zima 2013. Je ni. Še. Žal.
Je pa vseeno lepo in luštno.

Last few months have been very educative for me. In many ways and instances. Most difficult are the lessons which come by hardly noticed, for which one can but hope that have been learned. One thing I have noticed … the more you learn the more you know you don’t know and you still have to learn. It’s tough, but it beats ignorance. You don’t really KNOW more, but you are better self because of it. Even if nobody notices, it definitely feels right.

“I’m sorry-s” don’t make things whole again. They don’t make situations OK again. But they help heal. The wounds that the behaviour makes. But … know this. The hurtful inner intentions make much deeper wounds, no matter the behaviour.

It is definitely never too late to get to know oneself. Try it. You might be surprised.


Zelo vesela bom tvojih misli ...

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